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YouTuber Brand Guide and Thumbnail Creation for 'My Crazy Opinions'

A client needed my help developing a professional looking editorial YouTube channel theme that would resonate with their audience and help them build a brand
YouTuber Brand Guide and Thumbnail Creation for 'My Crazy Opinions'

Shoutout to "My Crazy Opinions" for your journalistic commentary channel. This client came to me needing a designer to create thumbnails as their channel gets off the ground and begins to grow. After looking over their profile they lacked a certain brand identity and collective consistency. I got to work and developed them a color scheme with a brand.

Right away you notice how there isn't much consistency throughout the videos that really conveys the quality of the content from the creator. Being a content creator warrants everything down to the last detail to look a part of a greater overall scheme, a plan, intentional. The content is there, so we got to work updating the packaging which should take this client to the next level.

The old channel formats

Below are the on-going thumbnails being made to help drive engagement and click through rates that are going to make this the next big success in the YouTube sphere.