Starting a Podcast — Joining the Cult

Starting a podcast is not as technical as you might think and it might be the most valuable thing you aren't doing to connect with customers.

Starting a Podcast — Joining the Cult

Podcasts movements have sprung up all over the country as a very simplistic and straightforward way of relaying thoughts and ideas to the world. When it comes to writing a blog post or a piece of content, it's useful when someone can take the time to read through and absorb that visual content, but bar none a podcast is more accessible.

Podcasting is Not Impractical or Out of Reach

The medium is an excellent way to start providing unique content to an audience and feel very personal. This is my first podcast discussing the setup process where I will share the steps and details as I figure out this new medium. Forgive any mistakes I make along the way.

What I'm Using

  • Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Adobe Audition recording software