Lamb Group Appliance logo design

I'm taking a look back at some recent design work I have performed from image manipulation, editing, to entirely new creations.

Lamb Group Appliance logo design


I designed this for an electrical contractor that has decided to branch their business out into the appliance repair market. They needed a direction for a logo that is modern, recognizable, and sleek. This logo stands out among some of my other designs due to it's simplicity without lacking in uniqueness which I strive to deliver each and every time.

Strongest Qualities

  • Demands attention
  • Clear readability
  • Clean spacing
  • Recognizable in competitive market


I really enjoy this logo design because of the big bold lettering, simplicity while still having impact, and icon that plays with the mind in a fun memorable way (think 'abstract washing machine'). The choice's that I ended up making in the contrasting bright red to really grab the viewers attention, and the calming subtle bluish grey that brings it back down really works. Typically I like to avoid designing things that are just loud. It just feels too cheap, easy, tacky sometimes to just say lets go with lime green or bright orange without having some neutral tones to offset the volume. I see this mistake among many of my clients that utilize Canva to create thumbnails. They make these bold multi-colored crazy fonts that sacrifice readability for pretty colors and a lack of elegance. I operate under the guise that subtlety is the best policy. You can say that being subtle is a way of playing it safe or lacking fun, but I find too often the bright and loud effects don't last as long or send the message most want to convey.

Commercial Electrical Contractor logo