Google updates 🔍 search algorithm to favor 'human first' content

Google's new update is fully rolled out and starting to sweep the web for unique 'human first' written content over AI, not useful, or SEO content. Google says "focus on content."

Google updates 🔍 search algorithm to favor 'human first' content
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This update impacts writing content for a blog, or any website that seeks to grow traffic by listing high in search results. For all of the SEO writers and content producers, such as myself, we should take this is a big win. As long as we follow the rules you're going to get results. This update is going to mess with some analytics and confuse people a bit for a couple reasons. Number one, you are going to get less traffic but the traffic you receive is going to be very unique and specific to your niche, high quality so to speak. Crawlers, bots, spam has plagued the web, become more advanced and disrupted information discovery and now Google is fighting back.

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There is so much mis-information, dis-information, unoriginal AI produced info that people simply can not find what they are looking for anymore. A writer would need to do their due diligence in finding keywords that track users to the content they were putting out. However, in what I call the "AI writing bot wars" of today, there is simply too much artificial or reproduced information that isn't helpful and contributes nothing. This hurts the AI producers and saves the real human content producers that are really answering the calls for unique 'helpful' information.

Google says "Focus on content"

Hence the name 'Helpful Content' update. Google is going to start asking users more often if the information they were looking for was obtained quickly, if it wasn't then the algorithm adjusts.

⭐ Content Quality Guide From Google

When you think about the content you currently have or are going to produce, Google says think about these questions.

🔍 A Few Quirks About Being Discovered

  • It doesn't like your spelling issues 😥 so we need to do better people.
  • If it looks like you mass produced the content and spit out related content too often, it starts to move away from you.
  • Excessive advertisements on pages means your rank takes a massive hit.
  • Is your content not just clear and readable on mobile, but actually smooth and visually appealing?
  • Too much networking reproduction (a blogger network pushing the same narrative for example) then 👎 it doesn't like when you spam.

The Key Takeaways

  • Produce information for quality over quantity.
  • Don't spam your content out over a network of sites, keep it localized and unique.
  • Make sure you limit or even remove ads for best results.
  • Establish yourself as a trusted authority or enthusiast, the algorithm will come back to you for answers.
  • Avoid exaggeration, false headlines, shock factor. Just tell the truth.

📰 A Little Bit of Context

This whole thing relates back to Elon buying Twitter and then backing out because the website is encumbered by fake accounts, bots. The web has become a place diluted for information, so naturally Google is taking steps to improve quality over quantity in SEO. If you have a business, a website, or blog you are going to still want to include some keywords obviously, do some back linking and apply the right formatting that helps the system understand your content. Just keep in mind that the direction Google is moving as far as unique informative and 'full' content, it needs to answer something, solve for X.

If you would like to review this information see this link to Googles ex-plainer for the September 12th update overview from their blog.