Canva launches a website builder 🌐

Canva has broken into the website market with the likes of Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy and more with their new simplistic straightforward website building framework.

Canva launches a website builder 🌐

If you are a Canva user you know that they are a great tool facilitating the relationship between graphic designers and clients. Canva really allows professionals like myself to collaborate with those that like to make lots of little changes. I've made things like flyers, posters, social media posts, etc. But what about full fledged web pages?

My Hot 🔥 Take

I'm excited about this in the sense that it allows me to more easily provide a polished product to customers on their own platform (account) so to speak. Many have called this "build your own website" market super diluted, but it kind of seems like no one has really perfected it and it's becoming niche. Like in years past, everyone and their mom (literally) operated on some form of customized Wordpress. Still a good platform, but feeling bogged down as of recent. It tries to do too much.

Personal site sample

From the perspective of the professional, I am able to build and complete the work for you with less clicks and technical demand, allowing greater focus and control over visual aesthetics. That's what I really appreciate about this. This means that if you needed a web page for a specific product launch to share to social media to facilitate purchases from your e-commerce store, that's going to be easier to achieve. This new feature is going to be a popular hit for Canva do-it-yourselfer's without a doubt. Many who use Canva eventually realize the inevitable truth that "This isn't really getting the results I am seeking." Or the popular

"This is taking up too much of my time to customize all these templates."

This is always the issue with these platforms and why so many undergo constant change. Design never was a one and done concept. A website needs constant attention, things get stale, boring, old. A professional designer knows how to take the trends of now and the past blend them together for longevity and create that clean transition into modernity. This is perhaps why one of the biggest freelance request focus groups is those that have attempted to use tools like Canva to build their image and always realize they need some skilled help still to achieve results. Canva and these other tools are looking increasingly less likely to become a cure for saving you time and simply clear the technical training required to achieve basic level design results. If you really want to stand out, you are likely always going to need a talented graphic designer on hand of some kind.

Lets go over some of the major benefits of using Canva's new website builder vs. Wix

Canva Websites

  • Easy to use
  • Great for collaboration with professionals
  • Responsive framework (mobile & desktop)
  • Lots of built in creative assets to use (even more with premium)


  • Easy to understand but tedious framework
  • Collaboration tools lacking
  • Basic built in assets and appearance tools

Adobe Express

Honorable mention to Adobe Express the slow moving and rather complacent juggernaut of the design realm.

  • Basic templates
  • Not many assets to choose from
  • Some collaboration
  • Web pages aren't flexible


Canva is a great tool to use to achieve a very simplistic baseline and maintain a basic brand. But if you want next level results, you are still going to need to hire a designer. Canva boasts a lot of tools, collaboration but I would advise caution about these tools sometimes it doesn't last or produce the results you are looking for.