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Bryan Davis

Hi there! I’m a freelance designer based in Maryland. I’ve worked with a variety of communication concepts, brand identity and with clients big and small, local and international. My passion is for visual expression and the idea behind it.

What can I create for you today?

Video Thumbnails

Unique Brand Design

Website and Social Media Branding

Docs with Your Brand Presence

Blog Graphics

Product Packaging

Discord Community Brand and Moderation

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Looking to hire me? You’re probably going to want to see my capabilities.

Check out the blogfolio for design concepts, updates, and tidbits and join my community of professionals.

I Support Small Rescue

Helping in my own unique way. Help me, help them.

I support and volunteer for small animal rescue operations to combat animal homelessness. Your support helps them too! If you are a visiting rescue volunteer or non-profit organization, please contact me for assistance.

Profile Customization

Newsletter Design

Web Design

Logo Design

Social Media Posts

Photography Editing